Admission in all cases depends on the student, first being able to meet The ARYA SCHOOLS academic standards and second, that we are able to meet any special needs of the student (including physical handicaps, learning disabilities, and development of English-language skills).

A birth certificate and last two years report cards from the previous schools are required from all applicants. A letter of reference from the forwarding school is also preferred.


If enrolment levels are well below capacity, the school may choose to admit students who would not normally be eligible. This admission does not automatically extend similar rights to siblings.


Each January, the Managing Trustee, after receiving a recommendation of the school administration, will determine how many students can be accommodated in each class the following year.

English Language Proficiency is required for Admission to and Continuation at ARYA SCHOOLS

To ensure that ARYA SCHOOLS students can satisfy the academic requirements and participate to the fullest extent possible in school life, ARYA SCHOOLS has established minimum levels of English and Mathematics proficiency for students in grade 9 and above. New or continuing students at ARYA SCHOOLS must attain appropriate levels of English and Mathematics proficiency to enter or continue at the beginning of the school year.

In some cases a decision concerning an applicant may be made before the personal interview or testing, based on the applicant's educational background as reflected in the application, school records, English and Mathematics grades and letter of recommendation. The school will take into account the academic record of a counting student as well as the student's English language and Mathematics proficiency when considering placement in the next grade level.

Age requirement

Children may be considered for entrance to Play House if they reach the age of 2 to 3 years on or before June 1 of the school year. The age levels for subsequent class will be calculated accordingly. Children not reaching these ages prior to June 1 of the school year many be considered for admission into these classes only in the next academic year. In all cases, the final decision regarding admission and placement rests with the ARYA SCHOOLS management.

Dress at School

There is a specially designed school uniform. The information about the uniform can be obtained from school administration office. Uniform worn to school should be clean, appropriate and neat. Appropriate shoes must be worn for particular activities as prescribed and should be polished at all times.


Normally, ARYA SCHOOLS, School Year has 225 student teacher contact days, A customary school calendar runs from mid-June through the end of April in the following year. National holidays/festivals/special days are observed as holidays and the school has two vacations viz. Diwali and Summer break.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

ARYA SCHOOLS does not discriminate among its students on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, religion or gender.