RA Charitable Trust

The Trust originated in 2003, registered with the Govt. of India and holds 80G approval, has a work belief of, “ Working Toward Wholeness ”. RA Charitable Trust, a social group of individuals believing in helping society and its being. RA Charitable Trust has an ideology that focuses in the society member being literate and self capable. Members of the Trust are strictly against any cast or creed or colour. A strict code of discipline is maintained towards each and every member's duties and responsibilities. Shree Amarsinhjee Rathod, a founder trustee of this non-profit servicing foundation, brings into being this Trust for social activism and servicing to the society. Shree Amarsinhjee Rathod, behind curtain has been doing greater deeds for several years, but with the help of this Trust he aims at gathering similar activist sharing similar ideology onto one platform and collectively working towards reaching deeper corners for help and concern.

Literacy ideology motivates the Trust to indulge into education. This temptation has encouraged the Trust to support a Schooling System which offers Secular education to all. The Trust has donated the Education Material and the Computer Laboratory Equipments to the School, so as to benefit the students by learning the most contemporary method towards their growth and advantage.

The founder Trustee is formally handling a God Ganeshjee Temple, (God Ganeshjee is considered as a symbol of goodness and is prayed for well beginning and successful start of any effort, by all). The Temple premise has become the central ground for all gathering and activities. Activities done here are without any name or identification of any person, so as to make this a completely charitable movement involving only servicing rather then credits.

A group of supporter and the Trust collectively have a satisfactorily running Meal Program. Through this program day's meal are provided to needy without charge or any type of pre-requisite. Trust single handedly takes care of the food preparation and needed amenities.

Trustees' members of the Trust, are functioning as co-founder of a Blood-Bank and Medical-Store with government concession, and also manage an Old Age House, for old age society member who are alone and unable to take good care of themselves. The Trust has been active in secular Meditation session open to every member of the society with voluntary participation; this encourages the people to come together and collectively become a part of this reform movement.

An Elder Group Talk session is being planned so as to bring out the trusted experience of this aged group for discussion for social reforms and general upbringing of the youth.